D2team is a team of nonclinical experts offering ‘concept to commercialization’ consultation services for innovators and drug discoverers seeking to maximize the potential value of their innovative ideas into clinical stage assets.​

The team has been assembled to bring together years of drug discovery and development experience in pharmacology, toxicology and all types of regulatory interaction and documentation.​

D2team adopts a fully peer reviewed project management service structure to provide a 360º analysis of all aspects of drug development, offering clients the flexibility of an in-house project team.​

This team is able to focus on all aspects of nonclinical drug development at all stages of the value chain. Our services are equally applicable to:​

    • academic, SMEs and start-up innovators seeking funding or IND submission
    • investors ​
  • biotechnology and pharma preclinical and clinical stage project teams​

​We have assembled experts that have worked together as a team in the past, and have experience in bringing pharmaceutical drug candidates to the market. We have combined our R&D expertise to launch D2team: Annelieke Peters PhD ERT; Peter Gilmour PhDAnja Slikkerveer MD PhD ERT; Danny Burg PhD ERT; together with our trusted partner(s).